I struggled with chronic UTI’s for years. Within 3 months of seeing Brenda with Authentic Health, and using her prescribed enzymes I became UTI free and have had none in a year and a half! Previously I had them constantly. So grateful for Brenda’s knowledge and personal touch. I highly recommend her!

Flora V.

I highly recommend Brenda, she was a great coach, always answered my questions and concerns, and was available as much as possible. I lost a good amount of weight, and my health has improved by far, I’ve never felt as strong as I do now. Its been a life-changing experience!

Diana S.

“Authentic Health is the best! I finally got tired of dealing with M.D.’s telling me that the only thing to treat my colitis was medication, that diet did not matter, and that it was not curable. I was tired of hurting all the time. I went searching for a more natural way to do things and found Brenda Baker. After 13 years of fighting ulcerative colitis she was a god-send. Within 3 months all pain, signs and symptoms of the colitis were gone. Within 6 months I was off all medications. I feel good. I can do what I want and no longer worry about my colitis acting up. Brenda made it easy. We took one step at a time and it was never overwhelming.”


“I highly recommend Brenda. She is easy to talk to, she listens to what we have to say (unlike some doctors who make up their minds without sufficient input), and she is truly concerned about bettering the health of her clients. I also like that she uses herbs to help the body mend on its own rather than prescription drugs which mostly just mask the symptoms.”

Janet A.

“No one knew how to help me. I was in pain all the time, every area of my life was declining. Brenda was committed, patient and encouraged me to take one step at a time. I have been able to make several big lifestyle changes. I am mostly pain free and a lot wiser about holistic health. I am very grateful for the journey and to have an encouraging guide to walk with me.”

Jennifer M.

“I have had stomach problems for many many years and I have gone to many doctors for help but Brenda was the ONLY one that really helped me. I can truly say now that my stomach problems are 90% healed. Thank you, Brenda!”


“I came to Brenda a few months ago because I knew something was ‘off’ with my health, but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was. Brenda started out by getting my digestive system back into gear, then focusing on a thyroid issue that she uncovered. Within a few months, I lost weight, felt more like myself, and had more energy. Brenda has been excellent throughout the journey. I am so thankful I found her and I’m looking forward to continued success because of her!”

Happy and Healthy Client

“Brenda is awesome. I spent 10 years taking Nexium daily. My stomach was miserable, the side effects were awful. Nexium had stopped working and was now wrecking my system. Constant pain and discomfort. Finally, I went to Brenda. Not only did she stop my pain but I no longer take anything for my stomach or indigestion. It’s been two years and I feel great. Thank you, Brenda.”


“I suffered from daily migraines and depression, was constantly catching colds, and spent several days a week throwing up. I went to specialist after specialist and ended up with a grim diagnosis. I found Brenda and for the first time felt hopeful. She gave me so much relief and comfort through her knowledge and kindness. After a few weeks my migraines, exhaustion, and depression were gone, and best of all I stopped throwing up. I was able to exercise again, play with my children, and find enjoyment in my life again. I feel like me again — a better me.”